This Pride, helps LGBTI refugees

Every year thousands of people are forced to flee their country because of their sexual orientation and / or their gender identity. They escape from persecution and mistreatment to which they are submitted simply because they are not heterosexual and / or cisgender.
Many arrive in Europe to start a new life, but it is not easy. Many times, when they arrive, they have to add racism and xenophobia to the homophobia and / or transphobia they already suffered. 
Luckily, there are associations that help these people apply for asylum and start over. ACATHI is one of them. This year Pride Barcelona is dedicated to LGBTI refugees and Axel Hotels encourages you to fight for the rights of these people.
How? Sending love.

  1. Post in your social networks a message of love (text, photo, video ...) addressed to refugees who have just arrived in your country or who want to come.
  2. Tag ACATHI and Axel Hotels and use the hashtag #SendYourLove.

Axel Hotels will gather all the messages of love and will send them to people who cannot love freely. Among the participants of the hashtag, we will raffle dinners, cocktails in our Sky Bars, etc.

If you want, you can complete your message of love with a financial contribution:

  • Come to the Axel Hotel in your city and donate in the money box that we have in the halls.
  • Join the ACATHI by donating € 1 a month and encouraging your friends to do it too.

Oh, and if you want to continue sending love, there are many more ways to help.