A clothing and accessories playground

The idea behind FANCY STORE by AXEL was born from a synergy of avant-garde visions seeking to develop a fashion project that highlights freedom of expression.

“To create a universe of clothing and accessories that have an original design, quality, freshness, and that, above all, carries a message”. This was our primary goal in the Axel Hotel chain’s expansion into the space of online fashion.

Axel Hotels is the first global business group primarily focused on the LGTBIQ+ community.

With a range of high quality services and products designed for and adapted to this group, we always foster an environment of respect and diversity.

We work towards a free and cosmopolitan space, in which passion and equity are the key values behind our philosophy.

With these ideals, FANCY STORE by AXEL is a heterofriendly reality; a brand designed for the LGBTIQ+ community, but open to anyone with a desire to spread this message of inclusivity and reach the hearts of many.


Discover here a clothing and accessories playground!