10 questions you should avoid on a first date

10 questions you should avoid on a first date

First dates, first dates. They can be terrifying for some, exciting for others and a crapshoot for many… and there never seems to be a second one for most.

There’s no secret formula for that date to be successful and it also depends on what success means to you. Is it going to bed together? Or an actual second date?

In any case, there’s no formula, but at least we can share these 10 questions you should avoid on a first date!

1. What was your coming out process like?

This could be a double weapon. It could bond you and you might find out you have common things through this, but it could also get too personal and we don’t want to ask a lot of personal questions on our first date and make the person feel a bit uncomfortable at all. So let’s avoid it.

2. What happened with you and your ex?

We’re getting too personal again. We could bring out old feelings that are completely unnecessary and this would be such a downer!

3. Do you go out on a lot of first dates?

It’s not of your business really, don’t be intrusive. What matters is that he is here now with you becasue there is a slight interest, so don’t ruin it!

4. What are you looking for in a relationship?

Avoid, avoid, avoid. We are all looking for the love of our life, for our better half, for our pirnce charming, but don’t be so obvious and evident. Take it one date at a time.

5. How often do you use Grindr/Scruff/Hornet?

There is a huge chance you met this person through any of these apps, so this question is redundant and might make you seem too intrusive again. Keep it cool, we know you use these apps too!

6. How long have you been single?

Again, does it matter? What matters is that he is single now and he is here with you on a date.

7. God, why are you single?

It might seem like a compliment but in reality it makes you sound like you’re buttering him up.

8. How was your first time?

For many of us, it was not perfect and again, we’re getting too personal.

9. Do you want to have kids?

Talking about kids is a beautiful thing, but NOT on a first date! Remember, what we want is to have the smoothest date and avoid any awkward moments.

10. What’s your d*** size?

Hmmm this is real life, not Grindr.


Written by: Juan Galán 

Written by axel