4 steps to perfection

4 steps to perfection

And who said that men don’t have to take care of our skin? Trends are that nowadays even more men, gay or straight, are paying attention to their skin care with different products out there in the market. However, many times we don’t really know what we’re putting on our skin, or we are sold products that are not what they seem to be as most are formulated with petroleum oils (such as paraffins, petroleum jelly, etc …) that cause a momentary hydration, but eventually end up dehydrating the skin even more.

This is why Homonaturals is the greatest discovery for many men, and it’s not surprising that their new campaign is called “Barcelona, the capital of handsome men”, since this 100% natural cosmetic brand born in Barcelona is the solution that we have all been looking for to leave our skin SPEC-TA-CU-LAR!



Why Homonaturals?

Because most products we find in the market are designed for female skin and it’s clear that a man’s skin is different due to its thickness, firmness and sebaceous secretion.

The four steps to perfection


Homonaturals proposes a daily facial treatment in four steps:

  • Each product with its number for easy use
  • The products have double function for comfort of use
  • Products with unique fragrances based on 100% pure essential oils, creating a unique sensory experience in each use.
  • They are sold in pharmacies, specialized centers and online. You can check their product catalogue clicking here.


1. Detox Cleanse + extra soft shaving




2. Gel exfoliant with apricot seeds

3. Facial revitalizing + after shave 
4. All in one formula
Now that you have the answer to all your problems, what are you waiting for? And if you leave a comment with the name of the product you’d like to try, you could win it! The winners will be announced on our Instagram next Tuesday, so follow us if you don’t do it yet 😉
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Written by axel