5 short gay films to watch online

5 short gay films to watch online

Mainstream Hollywood keeps catching up when it comes to LGBTQ topics in movies and tv shows, but they are still far away from touching topics about real life emotions that affect many of us in our everyday lives.

Nowadays there are plenty of directors highlighting these issues within the gay community through slick visuals. From tackling the homophobic world of football, to a teacher exploring the sex party scene in New York City, they are touching upon real life emotions that your local Odeon is probably little way off from showing anytime soon.


These are just five of the best gay short films out there that you can watch online and with whom you might even feel identified.


1. BOYFRIEND (2017)

The first short film from Instagram model Kyle Krieger, Boyfriend, explores a dating scenario that’ll be all too familiar to some people – realising you’re the third person in a relationship.


2.  RUBDOWN (2017)

Looking for a steamy short film? Rubdown follows a gay guy who goes undercover as a secret shopper to see if a masseur is following his spa’s new nipple policy – even better, it was inspired by the director’s own personal experience.



Queer filmmaker Jordan Fistman takes a scathing look at two generations of gay men that don’t understand one another, but seek each other out regardless. It’s uncomfortable but fascinating viewing.


4.  WAR WITHIN (2017)

Director and musician Zaher Saleh beautifully shows one man’s internal battle between his sexuality, his faith, and his family.

“I hope that the film in some small way helps change attitudes and perceptions and contributes to making Middle Eastern and Muslim culture a safe and accepting culture to be queer,” Zaher said.


5. I AM SYD STONE (2014)

Directed by Denis Theriault, this 10-minute visual follows a Hollywood hunk as he returns home. But as is much the case in Tinseltown, he’s living a lie, and upon his return he attempts to rekindle a closeted relationship from his past.


Source: Gaytimes

Written by axel