Another one bites the Trump!

Another one bites the Trump!

Trump wants to aprove a law that will allow employers to fire their employees for being GAY

It seems this man keeps giving hoots with his crazy ideas. Now it turns out that you could get fired for being gay. Just like you hear! Trump doesn’t have enough with all the hatred and intolerance he has been spreading during his short term and he goes ahead destroying the human rights of American citizens. And with all the progress that we had made in the LGBTI community in recent years, it seems that Trump wants to go back 50 years in history, and unfortunately, he may achieve it.

The United States Department of Justice showed up this week in the courts to argue that employers should be able to fire their employees for being gay. It all dates back to a 2010 case when Donald Zarda sued his company claiming that he had been fired for his sexual orientation. Judges have to decide whether a certain article of the civil rights act against gender-based discrimination should also apply to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

It is a law that will still have to pass through courts, tribunals and the government, and from the deepest we wish and hope that it will not be approved. Although you know how these things work in politics, that when they want something, it’s most likely to be achieved.

It’s a terrible news for all our fellow American who already have enough by having that kind of president. But it is also a good opportunity for us to be more united than ever and remind not only to trump but to the world that we are equal and we have the same rights as any other workers.

Together we will make America GAY again!






Written by axel