Axel Hotels says “Thanks” to the world with #flyingcondoms

The “heterofriendly” hotel chain, celebrated its 10th anniversary releasing 400 condoms with a special message to the sky of Barcelona.



On July 3rd, Axel Hotels met some clients, family and old friends in the hotel’s Sky Bar in Barcelona, the first of the chain. The reason? Celebrate a “petit comité” party for its first 10 years of life.

What they did not know is what the President and Founder of the chain, Juan Juliá, will ask them to collaborate in the celebration: “You have been very important to us and we want you to be part of our history through commemorative idea”. At that time the hotel staff handed out, to everyone’s surprise, 400 condoms inflated with helium and tied two by two.

The symbolism was clear: all tied up condoms were a claim and a beautiful celebration at the same time. But what they wanted was to thank Barcelona, so tied to its end with a text note and an invitation, in line with the brand slogan: “heterofriendly”. After ending a collective countdown from ten to zero, condoms were released to the wind in an instant that will remain forever in the memory of all the guests.

To get the message to everyone is prepared a touching video with the text of the note and pictures of the party and has been released to the network linked to the hashtag #flyingcondoms. The idea has been promoted by the creative and Kike Doatis, who has worked closely with the hotel team and is inspired by the story of Lucas Jatoba, which traveled around the world a few years ago.

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