Axel People, the new social network of Axel Hotels has been launched to allow you to be everywhere, with everyone, at any time

Find out who is in the room next door, interact with the rest of the hosts, follow live the Hotel’s events, enjoy exclusive promotions, and above all, live through the Axel philosophy. These are only some of the options offered by the new Social Network Axel People.

To all the experiences that accompany any stay with us, now we add this new and exclusively social network that will be at your disposal whenever you come to stay at any of our hotels. AxelPeople has been created to share unique, exciting and positive experiences, following the heterofriendly philosophy that prevails in  Axel Hotels … where “anything can happen”.

“Walls will be an option” for those who choose Axel. To access the network you just have to make a reservation through the Axel Hotels web site, or by phone or via e-mail. After due confirmation, you will receive a code with which you can access Axel People, define your profile (you can define the degree of privacy that you want to have), and begin to interact on the net from that moment on.

Among its areas, we can highlight the Lobby, which is a wall in the “Facebook” style in which users can publish their contents and even show their global position. Or the Events category, where the hotel maintains their clients updated on the most important parties and events in the city.

The most important feature can be found in the section called Rooms, where you can see who is staying in the room next door (only if the client whishes to publish that information), and begin an interaction that, who knows, might be the start of a wonderful story, or simply a new way of making friends and getting to know people. But the you won’t be the only one present in Axel People, the different hotel areas will also be part of the experience in a personalized way. In this way, the Sky Bar Terrace, the wellness area and even the Kitchen Restaurant will offer exclusive promotions that will offer the clients the possibility of interacting with the services offered.

What are you waiting for? Come to Axel Hotels and start joining Axel People!

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