I like you a lot! But just as friends…

I like you a lot! But just as friends…

Who hasn’t been in a situation like this? In my homeland, they call it the cobra, to make it more dramatic, but even if you see it as a shameful moment where all you want to do is disappear from the face of the Earth, it’s really something that happens to a lot of people and many times i’ts even kind of funny.

As many singles (not all, of course), we’re always receptive, looking for signs, finding coincidences and waiting to find that other falf, our soulmate. And this is how we spend our days on apps, at bars, clubs, gyms and other possible ways of meeting new people. Yet again, and with all the possibilities we have nowadays, it seems it’s harder than ever to find a person that’s really worth it and that’s willing to settle down. It seems people are just looking for fun… or friends…

And what are you supposed to do in a situation like this one? When you’ve met a person that seems interested on getting to know you, you’ve been out on dates and there has even been some kind of close up, but then suddenly one day when you make a move, you get the cobra move back and they say: “I like you a lot, but just as friends”.

The first reaction is: Earth swallow me please. You want to disappear, rewind and delete what you just said. You don’t know if you want to laugh or cry. But there is no turning back!

Our advice is to breathe before anything. The worst you can do is get mad and start acting weird, as this will only make the situation worse. If that person only wants to be your friend, then good for them, he/she will miss out! If you’re feeling too uncomfortable, ask a real friend for help, send an S.O.S text to get a call or even to stop by where you are.

And don’t feel ashamed or humiliated, in fact you’ll realize that the more you repeat it, the funnier the situation will seem to you, and it will become another anecdote to tell your REAL friends 😉 Remember from each situation you learn something new!

Written by: Juan Galán

Written by axel