If you didn’t like cooking, now you’ll think it twice

If you didn’t like cooking, now you’ll think it twice

Cooking is something that’s not for everyone. It requires time and dedication when it comes to looking for recipes, buying ingredients and getting in the kitchen.  Simply you’re good at it or you’re not!

But maybe some classes with the cook Franco Noriega could change your opinion about cooking. We’re sure that after watching his Youtube channel, you’ll fall in love with the kitchen. We have seen it and now we’re fans!


Franco is a man from Peru who moved to New York to study dramatic art and try to become an actor. However, his amazing physique helped him to achieve some jobs as a professional model, becoming quite a success in the runways.

Even though he could have lived of his sexy body and exotic beauty, Franco had another passion: cooking. It happens that he is a great cook, an expert in peruvian cuisine. After attending the International Culinary Center in 2014, he decided to open his own restaurant to delight his customers with his exquisite peruvian dishes. That’s how Baby Brasa was born in downtown New York. We have already marked it on our bucket list for when we visit New York. We can’t wait to try all his recipes… and everything else of course.

After a while, Franco decided to launch his own Youtube channel called Franco Cooks and it has a peculiarity: Franco prepares all his recipes practically naked. Oh my god! Where is the replay?

His videos are driving half of the population crazy, and no wonder why!

You can prove it yourself. We won’t say anything else.


Written by axel