London commuters can now travel by Gay Rainbow Unicorn

London commuters can now travel by Gay Rainbow Unicorn

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamt of making the most fabulous entrance into work.

This week, at least Londoners will see that dream come true, as they can drop the Tube or buse and take unicorn cabs to work instead.

Yes, you read that right. Unicorn-drawn carriages. Taking you to work. That’s a fabulous entrance if we’ve ever seen one.

And it’s as fabulously gay as it sounds: two horses, decked with rainbow manes and horns, draw a white coach, complete with rainbow pattern on the side.

Dressed in purple suits and yellow shirts, crowned with top hats, the coachmen don’t fall behind, either.

Sadly, the so-called Unicabs are a temporary thing rather than a permanent fixture, brought in to cheer Londoners up as the mornings get darker.

Commuters in London can board unicorn-drawn cabs for their commute

Thought up by mobile network Three and ZTE, they’re part of the promotion for the new ZTE Blade V7.

As such, there’s of course ample opportunity to play around with the device or take selfies with your friends.

After all, you don’t get to go to work in a four-seat coach drawn by unicorns every day.

The best bit? Unlike their black, motorized friends, the Unicab’s are absolutely free.

They’re also open-air, which means you might get a bit chilly, but in this case, we think that risk is worth taking.

Source: Gay Star News

Written by axel