Madonna suggests that 'Born this Way' is a copy of 'Express Yourself'

“When I heard Born This Way on the radio … I said, ‘that sounds very familiar’ these are the lasts tatements of Madonna in a recent interview for ABC Nightline, referring to her hit of 1989 Express Yourself.

Madonna also mentioned how many times Gaga has been inspired by her. “I think she makes much reference to me at work. And sometimes it’s fun and flattering, and is well done. However, she did not wanted to add fuel to the fire and added: ” She is a very talented artist. ”
Gaga, meanwhile, has alreadysaid that her album Born this way was born under the influence of Madonna. “I love her.  She is amazing and could never be replaced, she said referring to her idol.

Already in 2010 Gaga and Madonna wanted to quiet down appearing on Saturday Night Live with a  funny performance where they both ended pulling their hair . But after this interview, the controversy is served again …
Do you think Born This Way is a copy of Express Yourself? Will Gaga becom the Real Queen of Pop?

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