N’GAJE – Luxury barber brand with a modern man in mind!

N’GAJE – Luxury barber brand with a modern man in mind!

N’GAJE is a luxury barber brand with the modern man in mind. This man makes smart choices. For him, shaving is not a chore, it’s a lifestyle.

N'GAJE team Barcelona

N’GAJE team

Created in Barcelona and originating from five different continents around the globe, N’GAJE belongs to the distinguished modern male in your life. The chances are, that’s you.

N’GAJE barber and shaving products use purely organic ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. A rich combination of naturally extracted clay and vegetable oils connect their plant-based origins with unique textures for visible results. The clays come from five different continents and with the use of natural resources from all over the world, they want everyone to be able to identify with N’GAJE. Each oil possesses different and desirable qualities and benefits to create a range of products every distinguished male needs in his daily routine.


1. Pre-shave & precision shave

Composed of Avocado Oil and Red Illite Clay. In the form of gel for a perfect precision shave, this product produces a very light warm effect to achieve a razor-free shaving sensation.

n'gaje pre-shave and precision shaving

2. Shaving cream


Composed of Argan Oil and Grey Ghassoul Clay. Antimicrobial and purifying, it nourishes the skin for a smooth shave without irritation.

shaving cream n'gaje barcelona

3. After Shave

Composed of Calendula Oil and White Kaolin Clay, this after shave, heals, nourishes and protects the skin. In the form of cream for a more effective result, it leaves a supple and soft skin.

N'gaje Shaving Cream


4. Moisturising cream 

Composed of Macadamia Oil and Pink Clay (White Kaolin Clay and Red Illite Clay). This light and comfortable cream, nourishes, heals and regenerates the skin. Without shiny or oily effect, the skin is soft and moisturized.



N’GAJE is launcching their products with a very special event, so if you want to try them, we invite you to join us on Thursday 21 September from 9pm at they Sky Bar in Axel Hotel Barcelona, to mark the occasion with beards, bubbles and breath-taking views of the city.


When: Thursday September 21st.

Where: Sky Bar at the Axel Hotel Barcelona

Time: 9pm

Cost: FREE

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