OH MY GREEK – Spice up your 2018 with some Greek delights!

OH MY GREEK – Spice up your 2018 with some Greek delights!

Greek food is one of the top mediterranean cuisines for many people, including myself. Healthy, fresh and very tasty. But honestly, there are other things that we’d rather eat from this country than just food and it’s their MEN! Who hasn’t been completely lovestruck when meeting a Greek guy? They tend to have this sexy spartan warrior kind of look, dark skin, fit physique….completely drop-dead beautiful! Anyways, this 2018 you will be able to spice up your days not only with greek spices but with Greek men!

The annual calendar Greeks Come True is back and it’s hotter than ever! This calendar promises to deliver an “intimate” look at male beauty, featuring 14 “real next door men” (though sadly  I’ve never had a neighbour that looks like this…) and professional athletes in the nude shot by Greek photographer Vangelis Kyris.

“In this year’s calendar, you get a voyeuristic look into the day of each hunk as they experience life at an original small manor of the 18th century,” the calendar’s creators explain.

“Kyris brilliantly captures every hidden inch of their completely naked bodies, leaving no hair, vein or drop of sweat unseen – all set against hauntingly beautiful backgrounds that now belong to a different time.”


Check out a selection of photos from the calendar below.


You can purchase your copy of the Greeks Come True 2018 calendar here.


Source: Gaytimes.com

Written by axel