Patricia Altmark Exhibition at the Axel Hotel Buenos Aires

During the months of June and July, the Axel Hotel Buenos Aires hosts the exhibition “The Way of Energy” by Patricia Altmark. This well-known journalist from Argentina, dedicated to the world of Culture, works on the traditional fabric vocation as alchemy. Begin applying volatile materials such as sand, ash and clay, but the components becomes rigorous, noble, uprightad austere, linked by the magical intervention of color.

In this exhibition you can enjoy pictures of musical instruments, especially those belonging to the family of wind, one of his favorites, as expressed by the painter. The elements of his pieces, applied decision, prompting state and join a variety of textures. ” The Way of Energy ” shows the construction of an image born of balance between the force of matter and energy of the personality of the artist.

Patricia has received the “Ring of Art, Notable Women” because of her TV show: Culture A Day. This cultural news space includes both the visual arts such as theater, music, film and literature. The program also offers equal opportunities for both established artists and to the novice.

We’ll be looking forward to your visit to hear the inspiring work of Patricia!
It will be open to the public in an exhibition in different rooms of the hotel until July 31th.

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