Papa Don’t Preach!

Papa Don’t Preach!

Pope Francisco congratulates a GAY couple from Brazil for baptizing their kids.

The relationship between the LGBT community and religion has always been compicated as the church has made sure to transmit a homophobic message to most of society, especially in Latinamerican countries where religion plays a very important role in society. This is why, facts like this one surprises us, but at the same time give us some kind of satisfaction of knowing that we’re one step ahead everytime. Isn’t it?

So this is the news, Pope Francisco, whom has been said to be much more liberal by saying that the LGBT community has to be accepted, but at the same time says that “transexuals are the annihilation of the human being”, got us a bit confused with his new reaction towards a gay brazilian couple who baptized their kids.

Brazilian Tony and his husband David, sent last April a letter to Pope Francisco telling him they had baptized their three kids, Alyson, Jéssica and Filipe, at a church in Curitiba. One of the fathers posted on his social networks the letter they received from the Vatican, written by monsignor Paolo Borgia, advisor to the secretariat of state of the Vatican, in the name of Pope Francisco: “the pope Francisco wishes to congratulate you, evoking the abundance of divine graces for your family, so that you may live constantly and faithfully the condition of Christians”, says this missive

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Source: Cromosomax

Written by axel