1. Barcelona, Spain
With a warm climate and a plethora of cultural offerings, Barcelona is a year-round LGBT destination.
You’ll find most of the city’s gay bars, restaurants, and shops located in the Eixample district, with other cool spots also spread throughout the city. Plus, Barcelona is only a half hour way from Spain’s most celebrated gay city, Sitges.

2. Berlin, Germany
Without question, Berlin is among the most LGBT-friendly cities in all of Europe. Historically, the gay center of Berlin was around Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg, but hotspots are now also found throughout Kreuzberg and Neukölln.
Bars to hit up include the smoky Möbel Olfe, The Club, and Facciola, popular for its pop-up Cabaret Opera nights.

3. Manchester, England
Manchester, the UK’s second largest city, is well known for being a gay-friendly destination, especially after the popular TV series Queer as Folk was filmed there in the 90s. The Gay Village, situated in and around Canal Street, is filled with bars, clubs, and other gay-owned businesses.

4. Rome, Italy
Rome isn’t a well-known LGBT-friendly destination, but the city’s gay scene is one of the most underrated in Europe. Rome’s unofficial “gay street” is filled with plenty of bars and clubs, like the aptly named Coming Out.
And for three months over summer, a section of a city park is transformed into the Gay Village, a massive party with two open-air dance floors, bars, live music, and even food trucks.

5. Prague, Czech Republic
Like Rome, Prague is another European city that doesn’t often show up on the LGBT radar. Prague is relatively new to the scene, having just celebrated their 6th pride event in 2016, which was their biggest event ever with around 35,000 people in attendance.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is not surprisingly one of Europe’s best cities for LGBTQ travelers. Their annual gay canal pride is a floating celebration on water, with boats instead of typical parade floats coasting down the Amstel and along the city’s scenic canals, like the Prinsengracht.

7. Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm has been a longtime favorite of LGBT travelers around the world. Aside from its great mixture of design, culture, shopping, and natural beauty, Stockholm is the perfect LGBT destination.
Their annual pride celebration features not only the usual parade but a Pride House where conferences and seminars are held in the week leading up to the parade and a large, open-air Pride Park with concerts and other events.

8. London, England
One of the most multi-cultural cities in Europe, also one of the most LGBT-friendly ones.
While Soho used to be the city’s main gay neighborhood, much of the nightlife has moved over to East London.

9. Paris, France
Unsurprisingly, the City of Love is also a great destination for LGBT tourists. The city’s gay neighborhood, located near the Hotel de Ville metro in the Le Marais neighborhood, still houses some of Paris’ most famous gay nightlife, like the always crowded Spyce — open late on weekends.

10. Dublin, Ireland
Ireland made waves in 2015 with its historic same-sex marriage equality, voted in by popular vote. But its capital city has been LGBT-friendly for much longer. Gay icon Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin and today there’s a colorful memorial statue inside Merrion Park, across from his former house.

Source: Matador Network


Written by axel