The gayest moments of Eurovision 2018

The gayest moments of Eurovision 2018

Let’s play Snatch Game:

“There’s only one thing gayer tan Eurovision, [blank]”

Difficult, right? If someone knows anything gayer than Eurovision, please, write it in our comments.

Eurovision really earned being the gayest show on Earth: transsexual Dana International winning the contest in the nineties (Viva la diva!), Conchita Wurst rising like a phoenix serving drama queen realness, Loreen’s “Euphoria” playing at all gay clubs across the globe, ABBA becoming world famous… Eurovision gives us always enormous moments for pop culture history, and therefore, gay culture history.

But, what are the gayest moments of Eurovision 2018?

The audience

There was a huge controversy at the second semi-final of the festival. Rainbow flags were not allowed. Why? Because Russia was on the list of performers. Fortunately, the audience reacted in an outstanding way: they raised their phones with the rainbow flag in their screens.

Russia didn’t make it to the final, so LGBT flags came back. You can see the rainbow in the background of almost all the performances. Just one thing: if Russia doesn’t want LGBT symbols in their TV, why do they participate in the gayest festival of all-time?

Netta’s message

“Toy” it’s an anti-bullying song that celebrates what’s different and empowers who listens to it.

“We don’t have to be ashamed of being different. It’s wonderful to be different and being successful being different and not as the standard”, said Netta after winning the 62nd edition of Eurovision. Israel and Europe have a new gay diva, 20 years after Dana International’s victory.

The whole Eleni Foureira

Just by the way of coming in the stage we knew that Eleni was going to be next gay diva of Europe. They named her the Mediterranean Beyoncé. No wonder: she’s fierce, she dances and sings like the wildest nymph, she had an amazing dress and… that hair!

Eleni Foureira of the house Cyprus, the Unburnt, Khalessi of the Mediterraneum, Queen of the Eurofans, Mother of Gays, Breaker of hips and Liberator of wigs.

Irish dancers

In the first semi-final, a TV platform from China banned irish performance for its high LGBT content. While Ryan O’Shaughnessy sang, two dancers portraied the end of a gay relationship. The incident caused the expulsion of the chinese television network.

“Monsters” video by Saara Aalto

Finland was among the last one. Not fair! On the other side, Saara’s video is gayer than Eurovision. Here it is! We completed the [blank]!

We have just one thing, Saara: we expected the live performance to be as androgynous as the music video. Ok, the two dancers were very queer, but we were waiting for much more sissiness.

If you think that we’ve forgotten any brilliant moment that will go down in gay history, please, write it down in the comments.

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Written by axel