This is how the Sheriff from ‘Stranger Things’ went from Flabby-man to Superman!

This is how the Sheriff from ‘Stranger Things’ went from Flabby-man to Superman!



David Harbour, the actor that plays Jim Hopper – the flabby sheriff from the american tv show Stranger Things – comes back to the screens for a second season. But this time, he’s showing off an amazing body!

Why? The 42-year-old actor has been put through an excercise routine guided by Don Saladino, a very well-known fitness coach that has worked with celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds and Victoria’s Secret models like Erin Heatherton, among others.

His goal: gain muscle mass to embody the heroic demon Hellboy. “They call me the superhero coach”, said Saladino to the New York Post. This reputation was built after training Hugh Jackman for his role of Wolverine in Xmen. Since then, he has worked with approximately 50 celebrities.

Perhaps we cannot afford Saladino’s rates of 1.000 dollars (860 euros) an hour, but there are the 3 main exercises that turned Harbour into this superman that we can certainly do on our own.

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1. ‘Bear crawl’

This exercise consists in walking imitating a bear. No gear needed, kneeling and resting the hands on the ground a little wider than the width of the shoulders.

The movement starts by raising the hips, separating the knees from the ground. The only points of support will be both hands and feet.

Try to make the torso go almost parallel to the ground and, from there, alternate moving one hand and the foot of the opposite side simultaneously.

2. ‘Sled pushes’

It consists of using the force of the body to push a sled of force, a machine that resembles a wheelbarrow to which weights are added up to add the desired kilos.

3. ‘Suitcase carry’ 

This excercise is Saladino’s secret weapon, to which he attributes the success of his customers transformations.

It consists on taking a kettlebell in both hands – or just in one which means more core strenghtening —, making a series of movements: striding or just walking back and forth.

It seems nothing special, but this exercise works out all the muscles in your body, “from buttlocks to biceps”, according to Saladino.

To complement this routine, Saladino suggests it’s not convenient to deprive yourself from the food that you love, in Harbour’s case it’s burgers and ice cream—, however, he does suggest consuming organic products like veggies and ecological meat on a daily basis.


Written by axel