What is the price of an Instagrammer? A new app tells it!

What is the price of an Instagrammer? A new app tells it!

Instagram has become the most popular social network among millenials, not only you can discover products and brands, follow your favorite celebrities and find out about news, but you can also get your daily dose of meat. This is how we have seen guys and girls with enviables looks and physiques, posting up photos showing off some skin and likes boost up, and more skin they show, the likes grow exponentially.

However, these days nothing is really enough, as we know Instagram has very strict guidelines and if you show a bit more than you should have, they can delete the photo or even suspend your account. Nowadays, with the improvements of technology and digital marketing anything is possible, and that’s how OnlyFans arrived. With OnlyFans, Instagrammers can upload exclusive content for their fans. They pay around 10€ per month to see this exclusive content that no one else can see.

So yeah, Instagrammers now have a cost of 10€ a month, and if there are more registered users everytime, it’s because this thing is blowing up. The content that users upload doesn’t have restrictions and it can go from showing off the pubis a bit to a video of two guys having sex.

Encontramos este artículo en Cromosomax.com y nos pareció muy interesante para compartirlo con vosotros. Y estamos completamente de acuerdo con ellos de que cada uno es libre de hacer lo que quiera con sus vidas, en este caso con sus fotos. No podemos juzgar.

We found this article in Cromosomax.com and thought it was super interesting to share it with you guys. And we also agree with them when they say everyone is free to do what they want with their lives, or photos in this case. We can’t judge.

What do you guys think about OnlyFans?


Source: Cromosomax

Written by axel