Educo’s “Sponsor Campaign”

“Fight for their rights with the same passion you fight for yours”

Axel Hotels has started a “Sponsor Campaign” with the NGO Educo under the slogan: “Fight for their rights with the same passion you fight for yours”. Educo is global development NGO with over 25 years' experience acting in favor of children and in defense of their rights, especially the right to equitable, quality education. 

The objective of this initiative is to make our guests aware of this topic and to let them know they can help these children lives. This is the first time that a Spanish NGO does this kind of campaign thought specially for the LGBTQ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Queer).

Axel Hotels has all the information about how to “sponsor a child” in each hotel’s front desk, and in the guests’ rooms, clients will find drawings made by children between 6 and 12 years old, from Mali, Philippines or Nicaragua, among others, and they will be able to fill in the “sponsorship” papers in the same hotel if they want to.

Axel Hotel’s president, Juan Julià, has shown enthusiasm towards this campaign: “The same way we fight for LGBT rights at Axel Hotels and we aim for an equal society, we also identify with Educo in its fight for education and we are happy to support them in this cause”.

Educo has 100.000 “sponsored children” in 14 different countries around the world.  The godfathers pay 21€/month and the guaranty children’s education until they are 12 years old.