Axel Hotels is the leading business group of international renown aimed at the LGBTIQ+ community, with a range of quality services and products designed, developed and adapted to this collective, always within an atmosphere of diversity and respect toward the community to which we belong. 

We will soon be adding hotels in Valencia, Bilbao, Madeira and Porto to our properties, whose openings are planned for 2024 and 2025.

We are currently in the process of national and international expansion, so if you are a hotel owner and are interested in innovating your business, leasing it or transferring its management, we offer you the opportunity to join a company with a unique product and character, a promising forward-looking project and guaranteed high profitability.

Our owners and investors include real estate developers, family offices and private asset owners and hotel managers, as well as institutional funds. We structure hotel projects for value-add and core investors, for which we search for and offer business opportunities. Additionally, we can also acquire existing hotels that just require remodelling to adapt them to our brand and establishment concept. 

We are a management company that stands out from the rest and we are experienced in "best-in-class" optimisation as well as the goals established for each project. We also have a dual concept, i.e., with an economic goal on the one hand and on the other, a social goal through our commitment to the cause and rights of the LGBTIQ+ community, for which reason we generate added value for society through our hotels, which are free, safe spaces where everyone is welcome. We are destination hotels and contribute to the standardisation and integration of this group in all the cities we go to.   

Make the decision to reinvent your business and join an expanding project with a completely unique vision in the sector! 

Complete the form and we will directly respond to your request. We will contact you to explain the different ways of forming part of the Axel Hotels project, and you can decide which suits you best, whether through a lease or management contract. If you prefer, you can contact the Development Manager, Héctor García, at and telephone (+34) 656 732 366. 

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