5 alarming facts about LGBT refugees and 5 ways to help them

5 alarming facts about LGBT refugees and 5 ways to help them

Every year thousands of people are forced to flee their country because of their sexual orientation and / or their gender identity. They escape from persecution and mistreatment to which they are submitted simply because they are not heterosexual and / or cisgender.

Axel Hotels attended the Conference about LGBTI refugees organized by Pride Barcelona and we wanted to share with you 5 facts that frightened us:

  1. We all have heard about Chechnya, where gay people are incarcerated, tortured and even murdered. Did you know which reason used the authorities to deny this? In their country “there are not gays”.
  2. Unfortunately, Chechnya it’s not the only region in the world were LGBT discrimination exists. 72 countries in the world still have laws criminalizing homosexuality, transsexuality and bisexuality.

  1. Being born homosexual in a country like Uganda is hard. To run away from the country is a good option if you want to live your life in peace. But it’s not easy to be migrant, asylum applicant and gay/lesbian/trans… Frequently when these migrants arrive to their new countries they have to add racism and xenophobia to homophobia and/or transphobia.
  2. Host countries governments are not always welcoming. United Kingdom, for example, can detain migrants for an indefinite period. In detention centers, LGBTI people suffer abuses and discrimination.
  3. Sometimes, European Union decides that a country is save when it really isn’t. Political asylum has been denied to Moroccans. European governments considered that LGBT Moroccans can come back to their countries and be discreet, hide their homosexuality.

Facing this tragedy, you’ll surely ask yourself: how can I help? Here’s 5 ways.

  1. Raise awareness. This year’s Pride Barcelona was dedicated to LGBTI refugees and Axel Hotels wants you to fight for the rights of these people. How? Sending love.
  • Post in your social networks a message of love (text, photo, video …) addressed to refugees who have just arrived in your country or who want to come.
  • Tag ACATHI and Axel Hotels and use the hashtag #SendYourLove.

Axel Hotels will gather all the messages of love and will send them to people who cannot love freely.

  1. With a monetary contribution to an association who helps refugees, like ACATHI. You can donate coming to Axel Hotels, we have money boxes in our halls. You can also join ACATHI’s teaming giving 1€ per month and encouraging your friends to do it.
  2. Help with another sort of donations like subway tickets, phones, professional time, gift cards…
  3. Become a volunteer of ACATHI or any association who helps refugees.
  4. One of the things that LGBT refugees need the most is a social network. When you help a refugee, help him/her as a friend.

Written by axel