Donate 1 euro in the final bill of your stay

Axel Hotels suggest you to cooperate in the AIDS fight with Stop SIDA donating 1 euro in the final bill of your stay.

Axel Hotels has a partnership with some organizations around the world to promote their equality, respect, precautions and fight against the AIDS for all the LGTB community.

For these reasons, Axel Hotels and Stop SIDA appreciate your collaboration donating 1 euro at the end of your bill, with the final goals to support all the programs, precaution campaigns and healthy sexual promotion, social investigation and science studies, treatments supports for all the affected and collaborating with fast and free test for AIDS.

Stop SIDA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to AIDS preventions and others ITS since 1986. Stop SIDA is composed by voluntaries, workers, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and heterosexuals.

Stop SIDA goal is to warn AIDS expansions and offering services to affected AIDS people, besides promoting solidarity in all LGTB community

We will offer you the possibility to give 1 euro in your bill and you will always be informed at the check - out about the cause against which we are fighting for.